chair global


Plywood chair

Material experiment | 2008

The global chair project focuses on a wooden allround chair for indoor and outdoor use. The main intent guiding the design process was to create a modern, aesthetically exceptional wooden chair featuring a seat shell with perfect ergonomics. To this end, we developed a three-dimensional, organic seat shell structure glued together from flexible plywood strips. The resulting seat shell is extremely light, durable and comfortable. It can be manufactured in an industrial process.



Material Experiment | 2008

Global ist ein Allround-Stuhl mit einer innovativen Sitzschale aus Sperrholz. Die Aufteilung der Sitzschale in gegenläufig verleimte Streifen ermöglicht die stark dreidimensionale Verformung der Schale. Die Schale ist hoch komfortabel, extrem leicht und stabil.

Plywood Chair Global back

Plywood Chair Global in the sunshine

Plywood Chair Global detail

Plywood Chair Global in the manufacture

Plywood Chair Global - seat manufacture

Plywood Chair Global seat draft